Steve W4SLT on the air from HFDXARC HQ


It was nice to meet Steve W4SLT after years of talking to him on 20m across the Pond, Steve had come over to Visit Peter Rodmell G3ZRS and his Friend.

Steve wanted to pop along to Fort Paull to meet the guys and see the radio club for himself he had spoken to so many times.

Contact was made and an invite was soon sent out, Steve came along with Peter and wife Gwen who are often guests down at the radio club.

We give Steve the grand tour of the fort and club he really enjoyed looking at and taking photos of the Blackburn Beverley.

The night was finished off by Steve in a shack working a pile of G stations on 40m.

All in all a nice night out for Steve and the members of the club got to meet the voice they had spoken to so many times.


Cheers Steve talk soon

From all at the Club


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