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Rising to the Occasion FUNNY Tongue-in-cheek


Tonight we found out that Kevin 2E0KVK has been on the bread line today “first time for everything Kevin”.

He thought he was going to make lots of dough in the posh part of Driffield.

Well he did make dough, Bread dough and all his loaves turned out great, rising to the occasion.

But did they live up to the scrutiny of his fellow hams at the radio club?

With it being Club night anyway, Kevin brought along his wares for his fellow hams to Sample .

Well in a interview Kevin wondered if he would ever make a Master baker, we are sure he said Master Baker?  .

Anyway the scores from the panel say’s it all Kevin well done.



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New pathway Completed


Well today Sunday 12th of January in the Year 2014 .

On a Cold frosty Sunday morning  down at Fort Paull  there was a workforce gathered with untold knowledge and skills, over 200 years of experience was within our midst if we counted Steve 2E0NQS.

among the workforce today was


Andrew M6LRR (AKA Lenny)

Pat Walsh 2E0kCW (AKA Big Pat)

Steve Walsh 2E0OKB (AKA old karaoke bloke)

Steve B 2E0NSQ (AKA not so quiet)

Andy G7LRR (AKA Long range Radio)

Dave G4ASA (AKA  A straight key )

Jon M6HDX (AKA Mr Mop )

Young Elliot Son of Jon

Frank 2E0CIY (AKA Rare DX but resourceful)

This workforce once pointed in the right direction had one task in mind and a pathway was born.

The committee would just like to say a big thank you to all members for their time over all the weekends they have giving up.

I know this Pathway will make life and coming down to the Club house less hassle for so many.

we know the management  and the Forts owners are pleased with the Works.

Enjoy the Photos and most of all enjoy the new pathway.

P.S Thanks you to Frank for putting up with us all on his Days off and for the Extra Pavers Cheers Frank (AKA Rare DX but resourceful )


Andy G7LRR Chairman


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New pathway work continues

This Saturday 11/01/2014  saw Andy G7LRR with his Son lenny M6LRR along with John M0JBA continue the new pathway but removing the old timber raised landing. The works are well underway now with Andy Supervising for once, Lenny made the steps at the gent toilets, safety reals made good by John and paving stones to be put down to form a new path Sunday, Works will continue Sunday so watch this space.

20140111_142208 20140111_142212 20140111_142221 20140111_142227 20140111_142245 20140111_160422

We had a little fun lenny tell John to hold the saw the right way up or was he hammering the message in.

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Pathway Works Underway

Sunday 5th January 2014 saw the first of the jobs for the New Year get underway down at the club house. The pathway is almost fully laid thanks to the present volunteers which included Dave (G4ASA) ,John (M0JBA), John (M6HDX),Valerie (M6OGK), Kevin (2E0KVK) ,Andy (G7LRR) , Jason (M0MGF) , and Frank (2E0CIY). This new walkway to the Club will make it easy for some of our more senior members to gain access.

No project is complete without the essential photo session. You will notice there was a lot of leaning on those shovels,  and shovels drawn at dawn. LOL Enjoy.















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