March Madness: A Thriving Month at the Club

March has been an exhilarating whirlwind of activity at our club, with members rallying together to tackle various projects and initiatives. One of the highlights was Bob’s request for assistance in repairing his MFJ auto tuner, which had a malfunctioning power button. This involved a comprehensive disassembly and repair process, expertly handled by Andy in Bob’s home shack.
In addition to Bob’s tuner, Andy also undertook the challenging task of repairing a DMR radio belonging to John M0JBA. The device had suffered water damage, but thanks to Andy’s skilful intervention, it was restored to full functionality after meticulous disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly.
Meanwhile, Charles made significant progress in diagnosing and addressing faults in the Ft-1000MP Radio. After identifying the issues and ordering necessary parts, the radio is well on its way to being fully operational once again, with just one more elusive fault to track down.
The club’s HF amplifiers, often referred to as the “power house’s,” received much-needed modifications and upgrades, including the installation of better glitch resistors and tuned inputs. These enhancements ensure their continued reliability and performance, promising many more years of service to come.
Exciting developments also unfolded in mesh networking, with Meshtastic gaining traction among club members. A dedicated node/repeater is set to be installed soon at the mill, marking a significant leap forward in embracing this innovative mode. Interested individuals can find more information on Meshtastic by visiting our website at
On the membership front, Sean M0SLY has led the charge in training new members, demonstrating exceptional dedication and leadership. Witnessing his sons actively participating in club activities with him is heartening. Moreover, Allan’s recent success in passing his Intermediate exam is cause for celebration, and we eagerly await his contributions under his new call sign, 2E0IVD.
In terms of contests, the club bravely entered the Russian DX contest, facing formidable challenges along the way. Despite the difficulties, our members showcased resilience and determination, embodying the spirit of amateur radio.
As they prepare for the WPX contest, the M6C contest team is honing their DX ears, finely tuning them to detect even the faintest signals amidst the cacophony of noise. This keen sense of listening adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to their weekend. Amidst the camaraderie, laughter, and BBQs, they eagerly anticipate the thrill of detecting distant contacts and exchanging signals. With their skills finely tuned and their focus razor-sharp, the M6C team is poised to tackle the contest with enthusiasm and determination.
We encourage everyone to capture these moments through photos and videos, allowing us to share the experience with those unable to attend in person.
Furthermore, preparations are underway for an unforgettable event in May and June: GB0MMH Men’s Health Month. Thanks to the support of NHS England, garnered through our Secretary Sue’s proactive outreach efforts, we’re collaborating with GB1NHS Station to coordinate activities during our event weekends. It’s a testament to the power of amateur radio in promoting important causes and fostering community engagement.
March also marked the return of familiar faces to the club, including Charlie 2E0CIK and Steve 2E0NSQ, adding to the sense of reunion and camaraderie.
Additionally, the installation of a new heating system, spearheaded by Andy and Mike, not only ensures comfort but also demonstrates prudent energy management practices, resulting in cost savings.
In conclusion, March has been a month of remarkable achievements, reflecting the resilience and commitment of our club members. As we eagerly anticipate the warmer weather and longer days ahead, we look forward to welcoming more individuals to the club and embarking on exciting new projects together. Stay tuned for updates and join us at the club to be part of our vibrant community!

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