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Hex Beam Install at Spike’s G0CVL

Couple of weekend ago saw a team go up to Spike’s G0CVL QTH near Selby.
Spike had brought a Hex beam and required help installing it, along with some new nested dipoles the club had made for him.
The day started as always with the team meeting up at McDonalds near Goole for a breakfast as it is going to be to a long day.
we was at Spike a little after 11am and work got under way each team member a has own task to do.
With great team work Mike G7TYT working on the Hex beam great progress was made quickly as always Spike was in his supervisors roll keeping an eye on us all.

Mid afternoon we stopped again for food and drinks, with us all fed and watered the new Hex Beam was in the air and Spike made a good number of contacts as a test JA and VK among a few to brag about.

The two Johns M0JBA and G6LNV had the job of working out North by means of using the Sun and a watch we was impressed as it worked spot on this was to setup the rotator.

The time was quickly running out and the nested dipole are not tuned 100% as yet but working never the less with the ATU, we will be returning later in the summer to finish tuning Spike dipole array.

Spike would like to thank the team
Andy G7LRR , Kevin M0KVK , Mike G7TYT , John M0JBA ,Jon 2E0ZRO ,John G6LNV, Sean M0SLY , Oliver SWL, Lenny M6LRR,

Here are a few pictures of the day enjoy we did.


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GB0FP gets underway

The Humber Fortress events team gets underway for International Museums weekend with the call sign GB0FP.

Friday saw Sean M0SLY and Andy G7LRR turned up early at Fort Paull to start setting up the antenna farm, this starts with putting up 2 x 15m Scam masts spaced around 50m apart.

Once the mast was in place, Paul M6XPW turned up with Kevin M0KVK, to help but the wire aerials’ up this year we have gone for a 20m delta loop, 40m ¼ wave vertical , 40m delta loop.

Once the aerials are setup the Mobile shack was put in place and the radio setup,

This year we went for just one station, outside and we have the main station inside the Club house,.

The fun started at around 5pm with inter G contacts been made on 40m , when switching to 20m the DX and fun started.

Satarday morning see the guys getting ready for the rest of the weekend.

Here are few pics of what is going on so far.

And here is Video done kindly be one of the Members

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