How to Build a UN-UN

How to Build a UN-UN

To Build a UN-UN you need the following Items

Amidon Ferrite Toroid model T 200-2 ( 0-30 MHz )

Amidon Ferrite Toroid model T 200-6 ( up to 50 MHz )

about 3 metres of insulated copper wire 0,75mm

Direction: Fold the 3 metres of copper insulated wire in two. Mark the wires’ end so to recognize them when the windings is done.

Wind 13 to 19 turns of the bifilar wire ( more turns better response to lower band ).

Connects the wire to the box terminal and the UHF connector ( SO 239 ) see the pics. READY


This Picture above is of a 4:1 balun for those that cannot tell !!




Some think that the UN-UN is just a 4:1 Balun but look at the drawings

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