We represent the Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio Club, identified as MX0HFC / M0HFC / M6C, situated at Millhouse, Haven Road, Patrington, East Yorkshire HU12 0PS.

Our club calls include MX0HFC, M0HFC, and M6C for contests.

Since its inception in 2010 as a Contest/Special Events group based at Fort Paull, our club has been a vibrant community of individuals from the Hull and Holderness area who share a deep enthusiasm for special events, contests, field days, and weekend outings, all while actively promoting the amateur radio hobby.

We warmly welcome anyone interested in visiting or becoming a member of our club, as membership is open at all times.

Our club members are frequently active on HF and 2m bands on Friday evenings starting from 7:00 pm onwards, as well as on most weekends. To stay informed about our club’s activities, be sure to check our website calendar regularly.

In June 2019, we relocated to our new headquarters at Millhouse, Patrington, which now serves as our clubhouse and primary operating station.

Every Friday night from 7:00 pm onwards, we come together for fellowship and radio activities. Additionally, our club has the privilege of accessing a satellite training centre, where we offer both internal and external training sessions to various groups and societies within the community.

Our clubhouse features four rooms – a kitchen, snug, radio shacks, workshop, and rest area – all thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of amateur operators, SWLs (Shortwave Listeners), or anyone curious about our club or the hobby.

We enthusiastically support various events including Lighthouses on the Air GB2SL GB2TCL, Humber Lifeboat Station GB2HLS, V.E Day local event, R.N.L.I SOS Week, RSGB Contests, SPDX, CQWW, and Field Days.

For more information about the club, please reach out to

Mrs Sue Turnbull, M6URG

Club Secretary

Email: E-mail Address

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