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CQWW 2023 What we have done in preperation

CQWW CountDown Has Begun


There’s a buzz this month around the members of the Club as preparation begins for the CQWW contest. This Year we are doing it all different, with new antenna and masts, and 5 stations operating around the clock.

10m and 15m can now be run from upstairs making five stations able to operate all at the same time. Achieving this was a huge task as we needed new masts that can be deployed for the contest only. But the club pulled this off earlier in the year with the creation of the Beast trailer, built by G7LRR and Mike who smashed it out of the park with this one and installed a fully portable ready to go Scam mast 50.

M0EBJ also built a similar trailer with a Scam 40 installed and is bringing it to the club for the contest. Another superb build which gives this years contest team a totally different strategy and more options.

We will be operating 3 beams (HY-Gain TH3mk3, Jaybeam TB3, 9 element OB9-5 Optibeam) along with 2 dipoles (66ft height), 185ft 3/8 wave inverted L (66ft height), along with verticals to give us the edge we are looking for. The phased verticals for 40m are as yet not finished, but we hope to have completed by the contest start time.

All these have been maintained, tested and tuned and coax runs made to measure for the trailer masts.

We will also be trying out a new radio to the club, a Yaesu DX10, but standbye radios are also in place should we require them. All bandpass filters have been redone and tested along with the coaxial stubbs on each band to Null out any interference from other bands.

The recent storm payed the club a visit of course and indeed made some slight damage to our dipole and inverted L array which was swiftly rectified by the members.

This year also sees the HFDXARC operating from a Rosta system, where Ops have given available days / times and ensures a full coverage of the bands that are open throughout the weekend.

The event also sees us with a huge catering tent for the operators to endulge in a plentyfull feast of delights, all created by Linda M6LGN and Sue M6URG who have planned to keep the club watered and fed, as well as operate the radios.

Wish us luck, and if you hear us please call in, but remember though a contact made UK to UK gains ZERO points in the contest for either operator.

Unfortunately this event is not open to the general public but if you would like to visit us at the club in the future, please contact us via the website in advance.


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