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Projects made over winter

Like every other year so far at the Humber Fortress DX Club, Winter bring lots of things that need to be sorted out, for in the summer we never seem to get time with all the events and contests we enter, or just down to enjoying the good weather .

Repairs and upgrade projects along with new stuff all need to be done over the cold winters months.

One of the Projects was to get the workshop up a standard that we could do almost any repair or build, and with this in mind we set about it.

Three work areas and one drilling area were established; each area serving it’s own purpose.

Design area which has a PC with internet access  to unlimited information if required, along with lots of test equipment and a soldering station.

The Repair areas also have plenty of test equipment and a soldering station. and tools on hand.

The Construction area this an abundance of tools as well as hand drills for producing project boxes and PCBs.

20151122_155352 20151122_155356 20151122_155338






With this now all in the place, one or two members have taken part in projects over this winter.

The workshop is such a big hit with members that you have to there early to ensure they get a bench.


Projects so far: Putting together a Forty-9er HAM Radio QRP CW Transmitter Receiver Kit.

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An other Project which now can be talked about since that Christmas is over, was the top secret remote antenna switching unit Valerie M6OGK has made for her husband Kevin 2E0KVK. This been the most guarded secret for 3 months leading up to Christmas.

Valerie wanted to make Kevin a 2 way remote switch box as one of his presents.

Well to all our amazement she set about it and had the main PCB and switching relays all set out within hours, and soldered in place very neatly. A project box and another box for the desktop switching was bought, along with fancy blue led switches and gold electra-set lettering – the job was very good.

With a little help along the way, Syd M1COV & Andy G7LRR showing Valerie how to drill the holes for switch’s and socket mounting, the project was soon finished.

We have heard good feedback from Kevin whom was over the moon with his new switching unit,  hand made by his wife.

Valerie seen here placing the connection socket in place on the desktop project box.







There is still other work to be done, one item is to relocate the 40m dipole to allow for it to be permanently hoisted.

Another task is to replace the tower winch cable which snapped over the winter and to fit an electric winch.

All in all will be ready for our first annual event GB0BB on the weekend of the 25th & 27th March 2016

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Trevor G1TDN FT-1000mp Mark-V Repair

Trevor G1TDN’s Yaesu FT-1000mp Mark-V was hit by a large static crash resulting in the front end of the radio being dead. Andy G7LRR along with Trevor went about taking the radio apart to find the fault the following day.

Andy had seen this fault many times on FT-1000MP’s he had repaired before and had a good idea what was wrong. On his inspection his diagnosis was confirmed – one PIN diode had failed (disconnect Blown), D1056, 1SV271 Toshiba pin diode. IRmax (reverse) with VR 50V only 0,1uA.    VF 50V and IF 50mA. this is a common fault on the Yaesu FT-1000MP, so Andy had some spare parts in stock. This part is very small and was hard to desolder without touching other parts near. But after 45 minutes of micro soldering the said Diode had been replaced and the radio was back up and running.

Here is some photos of Trevor finding and locating the part we had to replace.

20150613_204203 20150613_204210 Seili%20055 Seili%20056

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