Trevor G1TDN FT-1000mp Mark-V Repair

Trevor G1TDN’s Yaesu FT-1000mp Mark-V was hit by a large static crash resulting in the front end of the radio being dead. Andy G7LRR along with Trevor went about taking the radio apart to find the fault the following day.

Andy had seen this fault many times on FT-1000MP’s he had repaired before and had a good idea what was wrong. On his inspection his diagnosis was confirmed – one PIN diode had failed (disconnect Blown), D1056, 1SV271 Toshiba pin diode. IRmax (reverse) with VR 50V only 0,1uA.    VF 50V and IF 50mA. this is a common fault on the Yaesu FT-1000MP, so Andy had some spare parts in stock. This part is very small and was hard to desolder without touching other parts near. But after 45 minutes of micro soldering the said Diode had been replaced and the radio was back up and running.

Here is some photos of Trevor finding and locating the part we had to replace.

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