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IARU Contest 2014

IARU Contest 2014 H.F.D.X.A.R.C  take part for 24 hours of non stop contesting.

Operators worked in shifts over the 24hr period. Sleeping and resting when they can as Steve 2E0NSQ is seen here doing, sorry for the pics Steve.  We worked over a 1000 Qso in the 24hr the bands was not too good for us, we are still awaiting the results.

We all enjoyed, Kevin even showed of his house cleaning skill don’t Tel the XYL boy’s.20140712_190941 20140713_080558 20140713_083504 20140713_104157 20140713_112523


Taking part was

Dave G4ASA

Marcin M0GLV /SP4BHD  Steve 2E0NSQ

Kevin 2E0KVK

Andy G7LRR

John M0JBA

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