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Club House Make over

Club House Makeover


Sunset over HF.DX A.R.Csunset

Sunset over the Humber Fortress D.X.A.R.C

Well, the club members have been busy down at the Humber Fortress D.X.A.R.C headquarters over the winter months giving their clubhouse a full makeover.


With work taking place in the kitchen area, once it was painted out it is looking like new once again.

Radio Room

The radio room has had the ceiling lowered and painted, this was done to save on heating and we all agree it is a lot warmer in there this winter.

Club Room

The club room with its new heating system has become more relaxing and sociable for members and guests to relax and enjoy. A computer has been installed in a corner giving access to the club logging system, enabling members to watch event logging in real, as well as general internet and email use.

Club Trailer

With the clubhouse work complete, the membership can now turn its hands to helping Kevin (M6OZY) to complete the Club trailer in time for this year’s up-and-coming events. We are sure once our interior designer is back from his sick leave we will see some design layouts and we can then all get stuck in and get this ‘show on the road’ as they say.

Workshop Room

The next club project will be the ‘project and workshop room’ next door. It would be great if we were to manage to get this completed before the winter is over and the fort reopens for the summer.

Some photos of the work done so far: Enjoy.

The committee would like to thank all the members and guests for their time and assistance this winter in getting the club refurbishments completed so fast. This has freed up valuable time to complete our new mobile shack.


Andy G7LRR Chairman

Simon 2E0HDX Vice Chairman

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GB0BB Blackburn Beverley week-end 16th – 18th march 7th anniversary at fort paul

16th – 18th march

Blackburn Beverley week-end 7th anniversary of been at Fort Paull  GB0BB  from the Club House.

All members and guest operators whom would like to take part in the event and those whom would like to camp over the weekend in tents or caravan this will cost £5.00 per night per pitch.

please let Bob Lane M0RWL E-mail Bob as to what days and time you would like to operate or would like to camp over for the weekend.

you must be self contained for this event tolets and water are on site and local shops are 5 – 10mins mins away by car.

One of the Fort paull’s most impressive exhibits is the World’s only surviving Blackburn Beverley Aircraft.

Blackburn Beverley GB0BB 18th - 20th march

The plane was originally built at British Aerospace in Brough and made its final flight into Paull Aerodrome just outside the village, it remained there for ten years before being moved to the Beverley Army Museum where it was a focal point for visitors for several years. When the museum closed a bid was made by the Fort to purchase the aircraft. The bid was subsequently successful and in 2005 the Beverley returned home to Paull.

The staff at Fort Paull are extremely proud of this acquisition and are determined to preserve not just the fabric of the aircraft but also its history. Inside the aircraft you will find information regarding the history of the Blackburn Beverley and this specific aircraft in particular, you can also look around its massive frame and see just how much the plane could carry.

No visit to the Fort is complete without looking at the Blackburn Beverley.


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