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Overseas Visit from LA0HK & LA9CSA

On Saturday 16th April 2011, MX0HFC, The Humber Fortress DX ARC

Welcomed the first overseas visitors to the club.

Gerry (LA0HK) & Christine (LA9CSA) had driven to East Yorkshire to visit Peter Rodmell (G3ZRS) & Gwen, Peter’s Wife While they were in the Area, Peter brought Gerry & Christine to the fort for a look around the new radio club the Humber Fortress DX ARC, which is based on the Historic site of Fort Paull, an old Napoleonic Fortress on the River Humber Estuary.

Andy (G7LRR) the club chairman, welcomed the visitors & gave them a guided tour around the fort & the radio club.

The tour of the fort comprised a visit to the attractions, a brief history of the fort, as well as a look onboard one of the fort’s main attractions, the Blackburn Beverley aircraft, which is the only one of its kind left in the world.

The tour also involved a trek down some of the long underground tunnels around the fort.

The views from the embankment that borders the River Humber Estuary were spectacular. The Humber Bridge could easily be seen in the distance, as could the North Sea Ferries, moored up at the Hull Terminal.

Perhaps the best view was of the fort & attractions themselves. The 13-acre site was most impressive, especially on a glorious day full of sunshine.  The vantage point also showed how close to the saltwater of the River Humber M0HFC’s aerials are.

The two main aerials at the club are:

A Three element Tribander for 10, 15 & 20m.

A Large Doublet for 160m to 10m.

When the tour of the fort was complete, the visitors had a bite to eat in the “Duke of York” bar/restaurant which is alongside the radio club and the fort’s own bar.

Finally, the visitors returned to the radio club for a relaxed chat & refreshments, with some of the members, who were in attendance:

Andy   (G7LRR) Club Chairman

Phil      (M0VEY)

Jason   (M0MGF)

Frank    (M6FPF) (Fort Paul Frank) caretaker of the fort.

Before departing after some three-plus hours of entertainment.

The photos that accompany this article show the visitors & some of the attractions at the fort.

We look forward to many more visitors to our radio club, both Nationally & Internationally.

Article by Phil (M0VEY)


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