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CQ WW Contest Results

The Club had been waiting for the final results of the 2022 CQWW for quite some time, but at last they are in. We finished second in England behind the RSGB with a final score of 2,295,168 and 12th position in Europe.

The Club members are extremely happy with the results, and would like to thank all our guests, and fellow hams that called into us during the contest.

Andy G7LRR, Kevin M0KVK, Steve M0EBJ, Toby 2E0TYM, Andy (Tappy) 2E1TAP Lyns G0AZE, Bob M0RWL, Chris G0URG, Sue M6URG, John G6LNV, Marcin M0GLV, Arek M0VQP, Dave 2E0TKO, Lee G0ULN, Paul 2E0WPW, Andy M0TTL, Jon 2E0ZRO

The Club has also entered a few more contests since then, one being the CQ WPX in which we did extremely well once again. Please check the website regularly to make sure you dont miss any of the write ups.

Once again thank you to all the members and guests who put in the huge efforts to achieve these scores.

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Lattice Tower Mast maintenance day

The list of maintenance and repairs at the Club has been growing and growing of late, but on Saturday 18 march a team of club members took on the lattice tower mast maintenance. This included a full inspection and greasing of the steel ropes, winch system and tower rails.

It was another great opportunity for “on the job training”, as Sean M0SLY brought along his two sons Josh and Oley who took on the task of greasing etc. Given the size and weight of this tower, a full rigid H&S risk assesment had been completed, which then gave the clearance for undertaking the “Dirty” Job under full supervision.

Boys being boys, decided the best way to determine who was best suited to getting their hands in the tub of sticky black treacle, played a best of 3 Rock Paper Scissors. Josh lost and had to wear the marigolds which brought a bit of humour to the job.

It was no easy or quick task, as the Lofting wire rope thimble had to be swapped for a new one which the two lads and Sean also made light work of. The full job took around 6 hours, but is an essential part of the station which demands maintenance and attention.

Other Club members were also busy through out the day working on a secret project for the club, which will be a massive asset long term. Welders, grinders, big hammers all played a part in this huge job and once fully completed the video of the build will be up on our YouTube channel.

The maintenace and repairs cost money which the club is in need of, and without the membership funds and donations it would not be possible. Many thanks to Sean, Josh, Oley for a superb effort on the Tower, and for the enthusiasm the two lads showed throughout the day.



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ARRL International DX Contest 2023

ARRL International DX Contest 2023

This year the HFDXARC acquired the brand new contest call of M6C which we are very proud of and put to good use this time around.
This contest itself is very different from the CQWW, in that we can only score points with QSOs in the USA and Canada, and this meant a totally different strategy being adopted.

The team comprised of 10 members who were all geared up for different time slots throughout the weekend. This in itself was difficult, as we needed the station staffed at all times, even when North America was sleeping.
Friday night saw a team of 3 begin the contest, which started very slow ( as expected ) and eventually sprang into action sat morning. We held frequencies on 10 / 15 / 20 meters and called CQ, to which the response was amazing. At one stage on Sunday, we racked up a 400 QSO count over 2 hours.

So as you can imagine it was frantic and none stop, but during this period an old friend of the Club from over the pond, Steve W4SLT called in and wanted a quick chat with Andy G7LRR. Not exactly the right time eh, but Steve has not spoken to anyone at the Club in over 10 years, and even paid us a visit from across the pond one year. It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve who is now back in touch with the Club.
Amazingly, with the conversation over, I called CQ Contest again and was hit by a wall of stations calling in. Credit to the Americans for their patience and understanding, top operators.

So we kept at it and went right through to the finish Sunday midnight. We hit over One million points for this contest, which is an amazing achievement for the Club, given it was the first time entered by us.
The whole weekend was an absolute pleasure to be involved in, and again the support shown by both Club members and guests was incredible.
A few pictures from the event are below, but the intended video was not done as planned due to how busy everyone was. The next one we shall be better prepared for.

A massive thanks go out to everyone who took part, and to all those who supported us throughout the planning and execution of the contest. The club is picking itself back up after Covid and has a very vibrant feel to it. We have new and old members joining and also have now adopted a digital membership, following many recent requests. More details are on the website regarding this.
Call signs of contesters are
Andy G7LRR – Chris G0URG – Steve M0EBJ – Andy 2E1TAP – SUE M6URG – DAVE 2E0TKO – KEVIN M0KVK – MARCIN M0GLV – LEE G0ULN – John G6LNV
We welcome visitors, guests, and membership requests and openly encourage you all to come down and see us at the clubhouse.


More details on the website along with contact details.


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