CQ WW Contest Results

The Club had been waiting for the final results of the 2022 CQWW for quite some time, but at last they are in. We finished second in England behind the RSGB with a final score of 2,295,168 and 12th position in Europe.

The Club members are extremely happy with the results, and would like to thank all our guests, and fellow hams that called into us during the contest.

Andy G7LRR, Kevin M0KVK, Steve M0EBJ, Toby 2E0TYM, Andy (Tappy) 2E1TAP Lyns G0AZE, Bob M0RWL, Chris G0URG, Sue M6URG, John G6LNV, Marcin M0GLV, Arek M0VQP, Dave 2E0TKO, Lee G0ULN, Paul 2E0WPW, Andy M0TTL, Jon 2E0ZRO

The Club has also entered a few more contests since then, one being the CQ WPX in which we did extremely well once again. Please check the website regularly to make sure you dont miss any of the write ups.

Once again thank you to all the members and guests who put in the huge efforts to achieve these scores.

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