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Winter Works Start

Now that winter is upon us and the Fort is closed to the public, it was time for the project planned during the summer to commence.

The task was to construct a shorter and easier access route to the club facilities.  The action involved making a clearing and then the laying of paving stones. All this was to be constructed in 3 stages.

Saturday 30th November saw the start of the work by several club members.

Those present were Andy (G7LRR), Steve (2E0NSQ), Dave (G4ASA), John (M0JBA), Pat (2E0KCW), Jon (M6HDX), John (G6LNV) and Frank (2E0CIY).

Stage 1: An opening in a steel fence needed to me made. This task was made easy with the aid of Franks big angle grinder with a cutting disk (or two).

Stage 2: Using the ample manpower available, a pathway was dug, and all the earth and rubbish disposed of.

With the timely arrival of Pat with the victuals for the workers, Steve aka Mother Hen, set about cooking the bacon banjos for the lads, and offered copious cups of tea to wash it all down with. Then it was back to….

Stage 3: Now it was time for the youngsters of the club to show their metal; Pat and Jon got stuck in and dug the post holes required. The spoil from this was dealt with by Dave and the two Johns, with it all joining the previous dumping.

Stage 4: (Yes I know… only supposed to be 3!) Andy flashed up his welder and produced a work of art not, welding the gate and posts as required. With the posts set in place, the gate was hung to complete the job. In all, it was a good day’s work.

Well done guys

Some photos


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