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25th Anniversary of International Lighthouse and Lightships Weekend

This year once again the Humber Fortress DX Amateur Radio Club will be activating GB2SL over the weekend of 18th to 19th August from Spurn Point ‘High Light’ Lighthouse (Spurn Head Peninsula).

This the 25th anniversary of International Lighthouse and Lightships Weekend, we are telling  the world Spurn Lighthouse has been restored by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust . Join them and send a greetings message to the world.

 The present lighthouse was designed by Thomas Matthews and built by Stattens of Edinburgh in 1895 when the previous one was discovered to cracking. It stands on an artificial rock foundation that goes down 22 feet (7m) and took nearly two years to build. Later the oil lamp was converted to electricity (1941) and gas (1957) on which it ran until 1985 when it was last used. Made of 300,000 Staffordshire bricks, with a height of 128ft (39m) and 145 steps to the top landing,providing a spectacular view of Spurn nature reserve and the river Humber


Celebrate the restoration of Spurn High Light,and tell the world.

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