Friday Club Night Fun

Friday nights are Club Nights at the Mill Patrington home of the Humber Fortress DX radio club and this Friday it was bustling with activity.

Amidst a diverse mix of ages and skills, the club’s workshop buzzes with Andy G7LRR and Charles M7PNP diligently servicing one of the amplifiers.

Downstairs, father and son duo Sean M0SLY and Son Oliver tackle the installation of a pan adapter board on Sean’s ICOM radio, their persistence evident in their careful re-readings of the installation guide.

In the Snug, members eagerly discuss plans for the club’s upcoming “Men’s Mental Health Month” initiatives while keeping an ear out for Andy 2E1TAP’s continuous stream of contacts on the club’s radios and beam antennas.

Overall, the scene paints a vivid picture of a vibrant community where technical pursuits, familial bonds, and social initiatives coalesce seamlessly within the shared passion for radio communication at the Fortress DX club.

Enjoy Our Video from Friday   

PS look for us on the WPC Contest using M6C this bank holiday Weekend 

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