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Men’s Health Week Event a Massive Success

The Men’s Mental Health weekend event held 16th – 18th June 2023 by the HFDXARC at the Old Mill House was a massive success. The Club members operated on mainly 15/20/40 meters SSB but also did some digital FT4/8.

The response from the Ham world was one that can only be described as WOW, as we operated with this long stigmatised subject, and saw operators globally congratulating us for putting on the Special Event and openly talking about Men’s Mental Health.

The Pile up each station had constantly throughout the weekend meant we could not have any lenghty QSO’s as we tried to work as many stations as possible, however this did not deter anyone wishing to say Thank You for the Event.

The Club opened the doors yet again to guests and invited along members from the neighbouring Hull and District Amateur Radio Club, who joined us as we operated the bands. We held a BBQ on the saturday (2nd of the year) which was cooked by our very own “Gordon Ramsey” G0URG (Chris) and prepared by his wife Sue M6URG.

The HFDXARC is planning to promote the Men’s Mental Health Awareness every year and is encouraging othe Clubs throughout the world to also take part next year. We will be contacting the RSGB to see if there is anything they can help with on the promotional side of the Event. If any other Clubs would like to join us next year and hold their own Event, plz contact us at the HFDXARC so we can support each other.

Once again many thanks to the Club members and guests who took part in the event, and also to our members who could not attend as they are just a vital to the Club.

A massive Thank You to the operators who called into us, and gave such encouraging feedback on both the event and Men’s Mental Health subject. It was very apparent to the Club that operators globally have also suffered in silence for too long, and the Club putting on the event has opened that door of raising awareness and Getting Men Talking.

Below are some links to the superb organisations in the UK who are helping Men who suffer in Silence.

Mens Health Forum

Man Health

Man Up

Andy’s Man Club

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GB0FP Fort Paull

MUSEUM Now Closed to the Public from 2019 

This year again see’s Humber Fortress DX A.R.C participating in this event.

Operating from the New HQ clubhouse station at Patrington please look up MX0HFC for any info
This has been one of our popular events over many years with over 10,000 stations contacted worldwide!!!.
Listen out for GB0FP on 160,80,40,20, 15, 10, & local VHF or check out the DX clusters for us.
Fort Paull was a great place to visit as it took you back to the Napoleonic times when this establishment was first in use in the 15th century through world wars 1&2 and up to the late 1960s when the MOD decommissioned it.
It was a great family venue with lots to do to entertain the children whilst mum & dad had time to relax and unwind in the well-kept grounds.
Fort Paull was also the home of the last remaining Blackburn Beverly transport aircraft in the world!!,
a unique aircraft that was open to the public with lots of displays inside and out.

**************************************************  **************************************************  *

MUSEUM No’. 5099

Details can be found on QRZ.COM about the club (MX0HFC) or click on the link below.
(several links to online live cameras, club website, guestbook to sign!!!)

  Club website.

Int museums web site

If you do work GB0FP, we would appreciate you signing the guestbook on the club website,
We look forward to working with you over the weekend when the event is activated.

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Men’s International Health Week 16th – 18th June HFDXARC on AIR


The Humber Fortress DX ARC is supporting the 2023 International Men’s Health Week, and raising the profile of the Mens Mental Health campaign throughout the International Community. We will be operating from the Mill House throughout the weekend 16th – 18th June using the Special Call of GB0MMH across all the HF bands. Please listen out for us and give us a call, your support will help raise the awareness of Men’s Mental Health on a massive scale.


Men have been reluctant to talk about their problems for many many years, and felt they had nowhere or anyone that could help them with how they are feeling. Many organisations have now come to the aid of this International illness for the men who have suffered in silence for so long.

Its good to talk, and even better when you have support at hand which thousands of men are making the most of currently.

The links below can provide you with more in depth information on the topic and help anyone who is reaching out for support. If you need any help or know anyone who may be suffering in silence as a result of depression through financial or family related issues, then please pass on the information from the fantastic community who are supporting Men’s Mental Health.

Mens Health Forum

Man Health

Man Up

One very close to our hearts is Andy’s Man Club with one of the HFDXARC members, Liam M7LCB being heavily invloved with helping men to open up about their illness giving them support through TALKING and being the shoulder they need.

Andy’s Man Club


73 for now


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So we have another full weekend here at HFDXARC.

SOS special event is actually held throughout the month of May, starting 12pm midnight 1st ending 12pm midnight 31st. It highlights and celebrates the work our volunteer heroes do all along Britain’s Coastline, including RNLI & NCA as well as numerous other lifeboat and coastal rescue groups. Our nearest/local being the Humber Spurn Lifeboat Station of which we are about 5 miles inland from.

HFDXARC made a weekend of it and welcomed members, visitors, guests and even family were invited to have a go, look round or simply have a brew. Our club mascot was in attendance as usual on these occasions –  well done Scamp.

Friday Evening

Andy G7LRR started the weekend off by welcoming everyone to the club Friday evening with the words ‘Lets get them radios fired up’. An executive decision was made to live stream on YouTube and Andy took charge of downloading the correct programme – or so we thought. It took a teenager to sort out and then tell Andy gently that he had downloaded the wrong one – nobody made fun or laughed much, was fun though – never been on telly before. My personal favourite station as everyone knows is 80m but it was very quiet so a little disappointed. 40m and 20m were awesome with our very own trooper ‘Norfolk Steve’ operating into the night and smashing the VK’S.


Saturday brought some stunning weather which makes a change for a bank holiday weekend I suppose. Various jobs were caught up on by members as well as operating all day. At some point in the day Chris G0urg and Linda (Mrs Andy) were dispatched to Tesco for supplies for a BBQ we had decided to hold for everyone on the Sunday. We wanted burgers, sausage (there are other supermarkets available!) . You do know what that means Chris – you are now chef. I myself had a go on 40m with Kev M0KVK sat at the side of me listening in (did that make me nervous!!). Steve M0EBJ was giving 20m another try (did he even go to bed?). At some point he did loose the will to live when people weren’t listening on the radio of what he was asking for – someone tell him we are live streaming lol. We had a couple of visitors, Shane & Mike who we encouraged gently to have a go. They got back in to it and nearly forgot they had over an hour’s drive home – it was 11pm by this time. Norfolk Steve and Andy did another stint in to the night again.


Sunday arrived and this was our grand BBQ day. Weather not as sunny as Saturday, little breezy but still very warm. Guess who was on 20m when I arrived. Yes, Norfolk Steve again – the man is a machine. Liam M7LCB was pounding the airwaves on 40m but I gave him a break at some point and showed him how it is done. Plenty of members and visitors in attendance. We even had better halves and special guest appearance from Andy’s Mum ( told you I would forget your name) lovely lady though. Mike, Andy and Chris prepared the bbq area and got the cooking underway, I was left with the salad – yes I did say salad.! Today was a good day to put faces to names of people I had operated but never met.

Special Tea Maker ceremony took place today. Liam s our newest attending member was given the dubious honour and title which came with a cowboy hat, apron and silver spoon, nothing but the best in our club let me tell you. We all have a real life outside of the club and sometimes it can be hard work. Being at the club and having a laugh can make things easier as well as making friends.  I like to think the club has a special friend in Mike, the site owner, always ready to help and come up with great ideas, thank you.

Chris even did a little teaching/explaining regarding FT8, which was much appreciated. Lots of conversations about radios, aerials and other bits of kit as that is what Hams do when they get together. The whole point of the weekend really was fun and friendship.

Many thanks to all who came to operate help out and just generally have a laugh, lovely to see. Just a shame I had to go home because Mr T was going to Wembley.

Stay Safe Everyone


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