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Time To Bring Out The Big Guns

A couple of weeks ago Kevin 2E0KVK and Pat 2E0KCW invited a few members to a shooting day at Brandesburton shooting grounds. Kevin would provide the shotguns and Pat the air rifle.

In attendance were Kevin 2E0KVK, Pat 2E0KCW, Marcin M0GLV / SP4BHD, Dave G4ASA, Valerie M6OGK, Kay SWL, Nick G0SDI, and Geoff SWL our newest would-be member.

Valerie and Kay did not shoot with the shotgun but everyone else was very keen to have a ‘go’.

Kevin gave us a master class in range discipline and then a few pointers to everyone as they stepped up to the plate. Dave could not believe he did not hurt his shoulder but he has not been seen for a few weeks so is he really telling the truth?

Marcin could not control his trigger finger, he was sure the shotgun was an AK and was very disappointed when it wasn’t.

Geoff managed to hit 3 out of 4 but was heard to say that he felt he was no good, they were too fast and he did not know where they were coming from. This is despite the fact that he asked for Trap 2 and Trap 2 was pulled for him.

Nick shot very well with his own shotgun and considering it had not been used for about 10 years did very well indeed. We were just amazed he could open it to load it as it was that stiff.

Both Pat and Kevin are excellent shots. They showed everyone how it was done and the few that Pat missed Kevin managed to hit and vice versa.

Kay took Valerie and Geoff onto the air rifle range and gave them a quick lesson; she is an excellent shot too. Geoff has finally found his sport. He has decided to take up target shooting with an air rifle and is in the process of buying himself an air rifle.

All in all a good day out….

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