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GB2SL Report

This Years Team

Top Left Dave Wilkinson from YWT, Phil M0VEY, Kevin M0KVK, Andy G7LRR, Paul 2E0WPW Dave 2E0TKO, Andy M0TTL, Jason M0MGF, Ian M1DHJ, and not in the picture Marcin M0GLV

Well, what a great weekend’s event as always at spurn point lighthouse.
Big thank you to the Yorkshire wildlife trust @ spurn, Andrew Mason, Adam Stoyle, and the team, for making us all feel very welcome and helping us make this yearly event possible.
Was good to be back on Spurn point after not being able to get down for the last two years and talking to the team down there again was good to have a catch-up.
We tried our best to put on a good station and get the public involved in what we do.
We spoke and worked many other lighthouses and lightships around the globe, as we could also this year work a digimode called FT8.
Not sure about the numbers we worked on as I write this, but will post once done I do know it was in the three hundred range.
Apart from operating radio which is why we were there, it’s great to also relax at spurn point taking a nice walk around and taking in the wildlife, one of the highlights was Binks and Basil coming to pay us a visit and feeding them by hand, these are some of spurn points foxes which over the years the RLNI lifeboat crews have made friends with along with the teams that work with and for the YWT.

All in all a great event looking forward to going back next year.
I know there’s talk of BBQ next year as well that will beat my pot noodles this year hi hi.
Some pictures to highlight the event

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