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Cold Nights and Going Green M0KVK Style

Well, last weekend saw Kevin M0KVK testing out the new Club winter uniform, this was suggested by Jason M0MGF the club’s treasure, As he informed the membership of rising costs running the 3KW heaters all the time, and suggested warmer clothes.

Kevin set the standard with his list below

Thermal Hat, Gloves, and Scarf

and fleece lined Slippers of course to keep your feet warm

and for really cold DX nights a hot water bottle is a must.

Now Kevin found operating the Radio a little hard with the Big Gloves on, he has asked for a bigger VFO knob to be fitted on all radios as this could be the way forward he thinks.

The biggest problem was when operating the keyboard four keys would be pressed at once, this resulting in some funny callsign being entered into the logbook, Kevin has asked if we can look into the bigger keyboards with bigger keys on them.



  Kevin feels the first run out was a success and looks forwarded to other Members coming forwarded with more warm Ideas.



I think I will just stick to the 3KW Heaters :).

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