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Humber Fortress DX A.R.C. spend an evening with the Cottingham Girl Guides.


The evening of Wednesday 5th October 2011 saw members of the Humber Fortress DX A.R.C attend an evening with the Cottingham Girl Guides group.

Simon Hewick, (2E0HDX), John Cunliffe (G6LNV), Bob Lane (M0RWL), and Charlie Store (M6ABY) visited the group to help with the communication badge award and to offer an introduction to radio communications.

After a short introduction by Simon (2E0HDX), Bob (M0RWL) gave a short presentation on “Communication through the ages”. John (G6LNV) then introduced the girls to waveforms and some of the different aspects of radio before they split into groups to undertake the “Radio procedure”. This involved the girls having a short QSO with a couple of other club members, Andy (G7LRR) and Dennis (G1EYY) who were at their homes ready to get replies to the QSO.

It is an honour to say that all the Girl Guides passed with flying colours their ‘Radio Procedures’. Afterwards, Charlie (M6ABY) demonstrated some of his own projects that he is working on, including a crystal radio set and various other radio receivers, while Simon (2E0HDX) was happy at showing his skills with morse code.

As with all good things they have to end, our final farewell was to present a certificate to all those that passed their ‘Radio Procedures’ exam that evening.

Our thanks to Helen and her team for inviting us to a wonderful night from all at Humber Fortress DX A.R.C

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Humber Fortress DX A.R.C raise money for the R.N.L.I.


On the 2nd – 4th of September, Humber Fortress DX A.R. C

Were planning to travel to spurn point R.N.L.I lifeboat station, with the aim of activating an amateur Radio station and contacting as many radio hams around the world as possible to raise funds for the Lifeboat station.

despite having to hold the event at the club station at Fort Paull, (who kindly let the club members camp out at the Fort)

this was due to the weather and high tides breaching the road to spurn point, scuppering the club’s plans to operate from the lifeboat station itself.

After a call to Ofcom, and realising we could no longer use the special call sign we had obtained (GB2HLS) for the Humber lifeboat station.

We decided instead to use the Humber Fortress DX club call (MXOHFC) and reschedule the event from our radio club, based at Fort Paull.

After arranging sponsors, so we would get the funds raised as intended, we got down to a full weekend at Fort Paull, and Humber Fortress Dx Club commenced a full weekend of radio transmissions on the Amateurs radio bands Worldwide.

Despite this setback, the club achieved over 1500 contacts over the weekend raising £510.00 pounds from members Friends and families of the Humber Fortress DX Radio Club.

After a call to the lifeboat station, a small contingent of the Humber Fortress DX ARC membership, including the chairman Mr Andrew Nielsen G7LRR, Stephen Beedham 2E0NSQ, Sean Waudby M6DBY, Kevin Johnson M6OZY, Trevor Collinson G1TDN, John Baines M0JBA, Charles Storr M6ABY, made the trip to spurn point on 2nd October to present the cheque to

Dave Steenvoorden, superintendent coxswain and crew of the Humber lifeboat station based there.

We enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours at the station meeting and chatting to the lifeboat crews, concluding a job well done and hopefully will be back next year road permitting.

Humber Fortress DX ARC is fully dedicated to raising funds for the RNLI at spurn as long as we are able.

Write up by


Mr Andrew Nielsen

Call sign G7LRR

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