Annual CQ WPX Contest Debrief


The M6C Contest Team, fueled by anticipation, gathered eagerly for the Annual CQ WPX Contest. Amidst the excitement, last-minute preparations buzzed with energy as operators converged on the venue. With tasks swiftly tackled, including setting up antennas and calibrating equipment, the team awaited the contest’s kickoff.


Guest operators from HADARS Club joined in, adding to the camaraderie. Throughout the contest, the team rotated efficiently, maintaining momentum despite challenges like local noise interference. A notable milestone was reached when the team surpassed their previous record, achieving over 10 million points.


Visitors throughout the weekend witnessed the team’s dedication and success, culminating in a celebratory atmosphere as they dismantled equipment on Monday morning. The achievement highlighted the club’s collaborative spirit and determination, proving that with passion and teamwork, even limited resources can yield remarkable results.

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