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Lock Down Project At the Club

During Lockdown once allowed, we had a few projects to keep us busy for a good few months.

One was repainting the Clubs mobile trailer that needed a well-earned lick of paint.

thanks to Kevin M0KVK, Ian M1DHJ, Andy G7LRR, Paul 2E0EPW, Mike.

Thanks to Andy M0TTL for Donating a 12 element long boom yagi for 2m, Which we managed to get up on top of the Mill with good teamwork and is working very well.

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Birthday Boy Gets Go Ahead For Annual Outing

After missing out on his annual Birthday outing last year 2020 (because of Covid 19) Andy G7LRR plans his outing this year, to operate his birthday station for Lighthouse on the Air from JO03BN.
If you are wondering where that is, it is Spurn Head, the spit of land at the mouth of the River Humber, now a nature reserve run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust ( )
Over the last few years, the Humber Fortress DX ARC has had the privilege to have worked with YWT in operating from this rarely used locator square. (always around Andys birthday) The lighthouse is not operational anymore but acts as the visitor centre, still standing proud after all the years being bashed by the North Sea storms.
Logistics for getting on to the point for the event are dependent on tides, and for the 10 intrepid operators out on the point, which is nearly an island now since the breach a few years ago, becomes very isolated and dark, so dark you can see the night sky without the glare from modern life.
You have to be aware there is more wildlife than birds out there, foxes and stags are common, so take a torch at night and stay on the paths, during the day don’t touch the caterpillars.
Back to radio, I think I am going to save more for a follow-up after the event, I can include photos then. Listen out for GB2SL on most bands for the Lighthouse on the Air Weekend 21st and 22nd August, with lighthouse numbers Spurn High UK 0080 and Spurn Low 0081 coming from JO 03 BN.

Due to the tides, pack up will begin at about 14:30/15:00, hrs GMT or we will miss our lift until tomorrow, Monday 23rd

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend
Association of Lighthouse Keepers
Humber Fortress DX ARC.

John G6LNV

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