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CQWW 2022

Once again the club will be entering the CQWW Contest, this is the biggest contest we do all year. We welcome visitors and guests operators to come and see how this contest works. 
Contesting can be great fun at the club we try to make this enjoyable and fun using modem day technology and comms.

If you want to pop-in and see what it is like please do,

Visiting times over the contests club doors will be open at 7pm Friday till 10pm ,10am till 10pm Saturday,10am till 3pm Sunday.

Come visit us down at the Mill.

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2m G.O.T.A.N Net Every Sunday Night 8 pm on S18 = 145.450 Mhz FM

G.O.T.A.N Get-On-The-Air-Night

2m net Sunday nights starting at 8 pm on S18 = 145.450 Mhz FM run by the Humber Fortress DX ARC members using MX0HFC callsign, all stations are welcome to call in.

If you are newly licensed or being licensed for years and want to get back into 2m radio, meet new local amateurs around the area, or just chat this is a great place to start.

We operate a round table at the start which means we take a list of all stations calling in, then we go once around that list then we open up for questions and give out reports and general chat, it’s a great place to ask questions and find out what is happening locally with the Club and around the East Yorkshire area.

We look forward to hearing you.


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