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Thinking Day On The Air Raywell Park

communicatator on the air

HFDXARC had been asked to assist in the above event which helps the Girl guides and younger packs (brownies, rainbows) get their communication badge.

The event organizer this year was Carol Fenteman, and may I say at this point, many thanks to you and all the staff (Leaders) for the many cups of tea and bacon and egg baps (could be a bread cake) at dinner time.

The day started at about 8-30 and once in, the lads from the Humber Fortress Fast Action Response Team (F.A.R.T.) had unloaded the vans and were ready to start erecting the antenna system that would be used for the next 8 hrs.

Well done to all involved, however I did notice the mast nearest to the building was 2 degrees out, hopefully by next year we can get this right.  This completed it was just a case of setting up the radios and waiting for the influx of the guides.

Time for a quick cup of tea before the hard work begins.

With all the guides settled in, Bob Lane gave a brief intro  to explain what today was about and what we as club members would be doing today, Bob then did an introduction to the club members who were on site.

This done it was time to switch all the equipment on and get started with the candidates.  A steady flow meant that all members were kept on their toes throughout both sessions am and pm, all guides/juniors and leaders were presented with their Certificates at the end of both sessions.

Andy G7LRR ran the HF station within the building whilst Andy M0TTL operated HF mobile.  This gave the candidates great confidence in operating for the first time, and of course whilst this was happening Jon M6HDX and John G6LNV alone with Kevin 2E0KVK were in fact doing the introduction on the 2 meter hand held’s.


By 4Pm and it was time to close down and pack away all the equipment which I can say did not take long.

This done it was time to say our good byes to staff and Raywell, pity it was persisting down with rain by then but never mind a good day was had by all.

Mr. Chairman Kevin 2E0KVK would like to thank the following members for their help and assistance.

Mr. Roger G4SEF who lives on the wrong side of the river, but did a very nice job designing the QSL cards for this event.

Mr. Trevor G1TDN who suggested this and followed it through to the printing and distribution.  The girls were very pleased Trevor, thanks.

Mr. John C. who designed and printed off the very nice Certificates which were presented to all the candidates.

Mr. Geoff M6INA who designed and printed the help/information sheets that the candidates used.

On Site

Chairman Kevin 2E0KVK (Said that)

Deputy Chair Jon M6HDX

Treasurer Andy G7LRR (Now listen boys)

John B. M0JBA RSGB rep

John C. G6LNV Liaison with RSGB

Steve .2E0NSQ (there`s only one in the pack)

Andy.M0TTL (He`s good never saw his white stick once to-day)

Bob M0RWL (must try harder with my map reading)

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Thinking Day On The Air

The Humber Fortress DX ARC will be taking part this year at Raywell Park in Thinking Day On The Air, with the East Yorkshire Girlguilding groups this will be held on the 3rd full weekend in February 22nd 2015

Please come and support us by calling us on the air

The Call sign on the day will be MX0HFC/P

Please look for us on the Cluster


TDOTA is an opportunity for the members of Girlguiding from the youngest Rainbow to the oldest  Guild member to talk to other members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world via Amateur Radio provided by Humber Fortress DX ARC.

The 22nd February is Thinking Day because it was the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout and Guide movements, and his wife Olave, who was the first World Chief Guide.


On this day each year members of East Yorkshire (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) remember the founders of the movement and take part in various activities to think about their sisters throughout the world.

Suggested Frequencies

This is a list of SUGGESTED frequencies for making contacts on TDOTA or JOTA.

They are not exclusive to Guides and Scouts, but may help find contacts between special event stations.

You can look for stations either side of these or pick a close frequency to put out a CQ call.



80 3.690; 3.740 3.733; 3.788; 3.888
40 7.090; 7.190 7.033
20 14.290 14.133; 14.288; 14.333
17 18.140
15 21.360 21.288; 21.333; 21.388;21.433
12 24.910
10 28.990 28.488; 28.588; 28.688; 28.788; 28.888; 28.988
6 50.160


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