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Isle of Muck Dxpedition GB0SIM


The Isle of Muck is part of the Scottish Small Islands group along with Rhum, Eigg and Canna called the Inner Hebrides situated off the West Coast of Scotland and has a population of around 38 only.

Two of our Club members are taking part in the Isle of Muck Dxpedition starting 15th April for around 7 days. The planning for this Dxpedition has been maticulous, as the Island has no facilities for the team to buy anything, including food. Everything they need has to be taken with them on the journey, including all the ham gear.

The team is made up from Marcin-M0GLV, Kevin-M0KVK(m), Lyns-G0AZE, Nick-G0VQO, Steve-2E0NSQ, Steve-M0EBJ(m).

They plan operating on SSB, CW, and Digital FT8 throughout the week and will be using a whole different range of antenna for this including 40m phased verticals, dipoles for all bands and a vertical for 10m. They hope to work as many stations globally as possible whilst also introducing the hobby to the Islands children from a local school, and giving an incite into alternative communications for them.

Please listen out for the team from April 15th, and help support them by calling into them on every band and mode possible. Dont forget this is a seriously collectable call sign for any ham operator as there are no hams currently on the Island of Muck.

You can find all the information relating to the Dxpedition through GB0SIM QRZ or FaceBook page FaceBook Page

More information regarding the Island can be found here The Isle of Muck

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Shack Upgrades

Well this weekend will see the start of upgrades to the shack, new band-pass filters for 160 80 40 20 15 10 meters will be fitted over the next month which have all been re-tuned By Nick G0SDI and Andy G7LRR. What a massive job this was and getting the filters in situe without altering the tuning and keeping an SWR was very frustrating ( as anyone who has undertaken this job will know ).

These filters also work hand in hand with a set of Coax stub filters that work on the high power side that all have to be tuned to complement the band-pass filters. 

New cat7a cable to go in for the network over the month, which is a total new layout of cable throughout the mill. We are also automating the rotator which was always one of the jobs on the “to do” list.

keep coming back for more updates as we go along.

nick in workshop

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