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CQWW 2021 has been Fun.

We were well ready to hit a big Contest this year once lockdown was lifted, and what a contest to start off on again the CQWW 2021.

Armed with 3 Stations make for contesting, Antenna’s for all Bands and 8 Operators ready to go we were set.

1 am Friday night saw Andy G7LRR, Kevin M0KVK, Andy M0TTL, Marcin M0GLV, and Our Guest Operator for the weekend Steve M0EBJ from Norwich start the contest off.

Marcin M0GLV working 80m and stacking points up very quickly.

But in the early hours 80m falls off and Marcin’s face says it all


Andy M0TTL on 40m

Kevin M0KVK on 20m

Steve M0EBJ takes Over 20m

All the above worked the night shift until 9 am.

Chris G0URG, Andy G7LRR, John G6LNV takes over for the Saturday Daytime shift while Kevin and Steve get some well-earned sleep.


Chris G0URG working 40m

Andy G7LRR on 40m

By Sunday morning the team had worked just under one million Score on the CQ WW, this was already a new record for the Club.


But Paul 2E0PWP and Steve M0EBJ take the Club well over the million score mark late afternoon Sunday.




All Weekend we needed to keep the engine running and this meant feeding the Team 

Linda   Andy’s Wife did this by making a big pot of beef stew that all enjoyed, along with a  bacon and egg pie.

Bacon Butty in the mornings as well.

Kevin was very busy in the kitchen enjoying Linda’s cooking.

John G6LNV kept us all top up with drinks, while he played mother cleaning the social area of the Club, he is timed served we here on the hover.

By the end of the Contest, we had done very well and set the bar high with all-time record score for the Club.










Fun slide show movie of the full weekend




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