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Humber Fortress are GO

On Sunday 1/6/2014 the lads and lassies of HFDXARC descended on Spike G0CVL and his lovely Wife Sara.
A mammoth garden needed help after Spike had some illness.

So like Thunderbirds,s, we rushed to the rescue.

Andy G7LRR and wife Linda M6LGN, Charlie 2E0CIK, Pat 2E0KCW and wife Kay, Kevin 2E0KVK and Valerie M6OGK, John M0JBA, Dave G4ASA, Jon M6HDX and Son Elliot, Lenny M6LRR, all volunteered to help Spike tackle his encroaching jungle.

And tackle it they did! though the weather was scorching the lads and lassies Dug, Chopped, Strimmed, Sawed and burned, and cleared vast swathes of the garden, no mean feat considering the size of the said forest.
Ever the great host’s food and drinks were provided in plenty everyone worked & laughed the whole day, and gained a few scratches & sunburn also.
Still, more to do ( hint hint ) but all jokes aside, Spike and Sara are really pleased and grateful for what has been done by the team.
So all in all, another good rescue by the HFDXARC heroes back to base guys over and out.

Pictures of the Day


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