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Visit by RAF Waddington ARC

Visit by RAF Waddington ARC

 Saturday 13th October saw a visit from a bunch of like-minded people from Lincolnshire, and more specifically the RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club:

 Their posse set off from Lincoln at 9 am and made good time arriving at the fort a little past 10:30 am. It seems that they arrived a little earlier, but decided to enjoy some of the outside of the fort before entering. After the initial introductions, between our parties, and of course the signing of the visitor’s book, we settled down to a civilized cuppa with some stickies. There was a little trouble from James (RAF) – he was determined to make the drinks, but he was a guest so was waited upon. Bob and James were interested in our little compact shack, and as soon as a straight key was provided, James was tapping away as if it was his favourite record.





 After the refreshments, it was time for a guided tour of the fort and the facilities on offer. As we set off with Andy as the tour guide, James could be still heard in the distance tapping away. After a couple of moments though he caught up with the troupe, and enjoyed the tour.  The tour took in much of the forts offerings, ranging from the fortifications of WW1 & WWII, back through time to the realm of Henry VIII, who commissioned the initial Fort. It was noted though, that all the cannons on the top of the fortifications were pointing towards Lincolnshire. Nearing the end of the tour, the on-site expert arrived, and Frank then talked about the Blackburn Beverley – the last surviving specimen, to which Don commented that he flew in them out of Singapore back in the 50s.

 Well on completion it was back to the shack for some more refreshments (or beer for some that noticed the bar was open). James was again straight onto the key and worked well with a key in one hand, a beer in the other and a sandwich. After chewing the fat for a while, the RAF Waddington ARC called it a day and headed to the door for their trip back across the Humber Bridge and back to Lincoln. From those of us of the Humber Fortress DX ARC, we would like to say thank you for the visit, and we had a good time hosting you for the day. Maybe we will be able to meet up again in the future.


The following were the visiting members of RAF Waddington ARC:

Bob (G3VCA) – Chairman, Jeff (G6JLW), Margret (Jeff’s XYL), Don (M0CES), James (G0EUN), John (G4ZHG), and Keith (M3YHD)

And the hosting members:

Jason (M0MGF), Andy (G7LRR), Bob (M0RWL), Frank (2E0CIY), Sean (2E0SCA), and Trevor (G1TDN)


 Jason (M0MGF) – Chairman

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Welwick Heritage Weekend

The Welwick Heritage Weekend was a resounding success. Many thanks are due to Syd M1COV, Steve 2E0 Not So Quick, Andy Gee 7 Long Range Radio, and Kevin 2E0 Old and Helpful for attending early and setting the station up.

The weekend was well attended, with John Baines, Steve and Pat Walsh, Charlie, Steve NSQ, Kev, Andy, Andrew, Linda, Syd, Pete, Simon and Tracy. Frank was also made an appearance (looking for new toys) as well as visits from various family members on the Sunday.

Some members were successful in bidding on items in the auction on the Saturday Pat got a rental agreement on a box of tools, and Syd got some more items for his collection. Andy got all sorts for his new caravan, while Steve got a nice gas BBQ.

There was plenty to see around the various field’s, vintage motorcycles, cars, tractors and farm machinery, not to mention fire engines, stationary engines and steam engines, so there was no shortage of exhibits to admire.

A few contacts on the radio were made during the day on Saturday, but night time operations were cancelled due to entertainment in the form of a barn dance and a few beers.

Two members were involved in the entertainment. A big hand to Andy ‘Van Morrison’ for a fine rendition of ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ and to Steve ‘three wheels on his wagon’ Walsh, who gave us some classics including his signature tune ‘Fields of Athenry’.

We all left the dancing to the experts (we did not want to show anyone up after all). As you may have gathered it was very much a social event, as well as having the radio to operate. Kevin got carried away in the bidding on the auction for his ‘Duck’ with John bidding against him; this was funny. Kev won and his wife is happy with the latest family member, the Duck.

Sunday got off to a slow start, breakfast being top priority after the Arctic conditions during the night. By the way, Steve and I can recommend Chicken casserole and breakfast-in-a-tin in the same pan a very wholesome start to the day.

Sunday saw family visits and the car boot sale where various purchases were made. A few contacts were also made on 40 meters again.

I think everyone who attended would support me when I thank Syd, who worked hard to make the event the success, and his willing assistants Steve and Pete.

Thank You!

Write up by Charlie 2E0CIK

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