Humber Fortress DX A.R.C. spend an evening with the Cottingham Girl Guides.


The evening of Wednesday 5th October 2011 saw members of the Humber Fortress DX A.R.C attend an evening with the Cottingham Girl Guides group.

Simon Hewick, (2E0HDX), John Cunliffe (G6LNV), Bob Lane (M0RWL), and Charlie Store (M6ABY) visited the group to help with the communication badge award and to offer an introduction to radio communications.

After a short introduction by Simon (2E0HDX), Bob (M0RWL) gave a short presentation on “Communication through the ages”. John (G6LNV) then introduced the girls to waveforms and some of the different aspects of radio before they split into groups to undertake the “Radio procedure”. This involved the girls having a short QSO with a couple of other club members, Andy (G7LRR) and Dennis (G1EYY) who were at their homes ready to get replies to the QSO.

It is an honour to say that all the Girl Guides passed with flying colours their ‘Radio Procedures’. Afterwards, Charlie (M6ABY) demonstrated some of his own projects that he is working on, including a crystal radio set and various other radio receivers, while Simon (2E0HDX) was happy at showing his skills with morse code.

As with all good things they have to end, our final farewell was to present a certificate to all those that passed their ‘Radio Procedures’ exam that evening.

Our thanks to Helen and her team for inviting us to a wonderful night from all at Humber Fortress DX A.R.C

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