Lattice Tower Mast maintenance day

The list of maintenance and repairs at the Club has been growing and growing of late, but on Saturday 18 march a team of club members took on the lattice tower mast maintenance. This included a full inspection and greasing of the steel ropes, winch system and tower rails.

It was another great opportunity for “on the job training”, as Sean M0SLY brought along his two sons Josh and Oley who took on the task of greasing etc. Given the size and weight of this tower, a full rigid H&S risk assesment had been completed, which then gave the clearance for undertaking the “Dirty” Job under full supervision.

Boys being boys, decided the best way to determine who was best suited to getting their hands in the tub of sticky black treacle, played a best of 3 Rock Paper Scissors. Josh lost and had to wear the marigolds which brought a bit of humour to the job.

It was no easy or quick task, as the Lofting wire rope thimble had to be swapped for a new one which the two lads and Sean also made light work of. The full job took around 6 hours, but is an essential part of the station which demands maintenance and attention.

Other Club members were also busy through out the day working on a secret project for the club, which will be a massive asset long term. Welders, grinders, big hammers all played a part in this huge job and once fully completed the video of the build will be up on our YouTube channel.

The maintenace and repairs cost money which the club is in need of, and without the membership funds and donations it would not be possible. Many thanks to Sean, Josh, Oley for a superb effort on the Tower, and for the enthusiasm the two lads showed throughout the day.



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