CQWW 2022 CONTEST New Club Record

The Club was ready for this year’s CQWW contest and determined to beat last year’s scores.

Through planning, lots of maintenance, and a much bigger team of operators covering the full 48 hours of the contest this time around.
Again, we used 3 stations and an antenna for every band, although this time we had 17 operators who covered various hours and times but never left any station left idle.
As usual, each station was set up with full automation should the operator need it.
This year saw us with more guest operators to whom we are extremely grateful, which gave us that winning edge.

The Club started off at 01.00 am covering the 160, 80, and 40-meter bands, with a team of 5 operators
Andy G7LRR, Kevin M0KVK, Steve M0EBJ, Toby 2E0TYM, Andy (Tappy) 2E1TAP
This allowed for plenty of breaks and one operator to always be outside the operations area during the 8 hours of operating through to Saturday morning.
The score started going up very quickly, with Top Band proving to be the surprise band giving us unexpected results.
Saturday morning saw a changing of the guard, although the previous team was still available and on-site throughout the day. The team even built and installed a QUAD Loop for the 10m band to assist us first ting Saturday morning.
The operators throughout the day were:
Lyns G0AZE, Bob M0RWL, Chris G0URG, Sue M6URG, John G6LNV, Marcin M0GLV, Arek M0VQP, Dave 2E0TKO, Lee G0ULN, Paul 2E0WPW, Andy M0TTL, Jon 2E0ZRO

The atmosphere in the Club was electric as we racked up point after point and by 15.30, we hit the 1 million points that the club achieved in 2021.
The team worked continuously on the radios, and during breaks tucked into the lovely Stew and cakes that Linda M6LGN had made for us all, she really did spoil us rotten throughout the weekend.
By Sunday afternoon, we had achieved the 2-million-point mark, but we wanted more and hoped for 3 million by end of the play.
The team dug in, worked right through to the last second, and achieved an incredible 2,853,699 points, and 3456 QSO’s which is a new Club record.
Overall, the event went fantastic, we had plenty of laughs and every operator played their part in this huge Club milestone.
A special thanks to all our Guest Operators, you are a massive part of the team, and very much appreciated.

If anyone would like to take a look at the Club, get involved, or need any information, please get in touch via the Club website contact details.
Contesting is such good fun, hard work yes but very enjoyable and satisfying

73 for now

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