GB0EY East Yorkshire

With Covid, lock-down lifted the Club came up with an event to get going at short notice. Yorkshire day 1st August Celebrate all things Yorkshire when the UK’s largest county comes together to indulge in vast quantities of regional pride.

An NOV has gained GB0EY the call setup, with the table set and the event can begin, we were lucky that we have nice big bays on each station setup with screens in-between ideal for social distancing

Kevin M0KVK and Marcin M0GLV kicked off the Event.

kevin M0KVK in the seat

Kevin M0KVK in the 20m 15m 10m chair

Marcin M0GLV
Marcin M0GLV takes over later from Kevin.

Phil M0VEY showing all of us how to operate his Icom 7300 which he brought for the weekend on the 160m and 40m Station position.

Phil also doubles up as the catering manager for the Weekend with hotdogs and burgers being all the rage.

Band conditions were very favorable, enabling us to work station in Japan, USA day and night as well as Europe at the same time.

All in all our first event back after lockdown and Covid19 has gone very good, working lots of DX and with what looks like this year being very good for sunspots the bands are very good.

Places we worked over the weekend with 437 contacts been made.

Big thank you to all members that came along and supported the event.

Watch out for our next event GB2SL lighthouses on the air coming from Spurn point on 21st to 22nd August 2021. 

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