Kevin 2E0KVK calls in the Humber Fortress DX A.R.C Demolition Team

When a call came into the Humber Fortress club from a couple of our members, that Kevin 2E0KVK and Valerie M6OGK were in need of help with a project in the form of demolition of a bridge. Well the guys all jumped at the chance; well it is not every day you get to blow up a bridge with dynamite is it?. Well so we all thought: but it was not to be this time as the bridge was over a garden pond which had been filled in years before.
This was a big project to undertake on your own, but when Kevin said the magic words, “Beer and Food in the form of a BBQ”, (for which he is well known for his Bear Grylls style cooking) then names soon went on the list for a work party.
With that, a date was set and we all geared up for the job in hand in true club style.
Sunday 25th June saw a large party of members descend upon Kevin and Valerie QTH with the bonus of the the sun shinning brightly.
All bearing arms of some sort in the form of hammers ,chisels and jack hammers, his neighbours must of thought we was going to take his house down.
Well, Valerie has been waiting a year to get this Job done and could not contain her frustration any longer , with a big sledge hammer in hand she started the demolition and knocked down the sides – well done Valerie.
Now came the young guy’s turn Mike, Kevin’s son and Andy G7LRR’s son, Lenny M6LRR went to town with the Big Hammers and broke the bridge’s back, Jason M0MGF and Big Pat 2E0KCW went to town with jack hammers.
Jason did seem to like swinging that big sledge hammer about as well, we have heard on the QT it was his workout for the gym as it is closed the next day.
Lots of friends and family of Kevin’s and Valerie also came along to help, we had a great work party and the trips to the local tip with all the rubble got underway, we even had all the kids helping out too.
In between all the hammering and banging,trips to the tip etc.., Kevin and Valerie still found time to put on a great BBQ and lots of cold drinks were on hand. These were especially welcome as we were laughing so hard at Pat for breaking a sledge hammer.
Kevin and Valerie would like to thank all that turned out today for a great day and all the hard work they put in thanks guys.
As the Club Chairman I would like to thank all the members of the club for turning out in true spirit, this is what makes our Club what it is today well done guys.
I have been informed they may well be a return party required, so watch this space.

Here is a little slide show off the work undertaken today

In attendance from the club today was
Trevor G1TDN
Dave G4ASA
Jason M0MGF
Pat 2E0KCW
Sean 2E0SCA
Kevin 2E0OAH
Andy G7LRR
Linda M6LGN
Lenny M6LRR
guest appearance and photographer from
Roger G4SEF
and mine hosts of course
Kevin 2E0KVK and Valerie M6OGK

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