R.S.G.B 80m Club Call Contest

Hi All.
Wednesday the 12th of January saw the first (and I hope many more) of the RSGB club events/contests
With the 80m SSB.
This was organized by Andy G7LRR and Mr. Jason M0MGF thanks to Jason for the new log system
(Of which I still need more practice) but have been installed on the system at the shack.
Also, thanks to Mr. Andy for the work carried out on the antenna system which enabled us to
Transmit on the night.
The contest started at 20.00hrs local time Andy started with a good influx of calls at this time we
We’re still having slight problems with the antennas.
M0RWL took over with M0VEY as the logger it take a while to get into this sort of thing me been a
Newby and all but we gave our best, M0VEY then took over and tried his hand at contest work
Still with the antenna playing up(and Andy in the background trying very hard to bring the offending item to the task).
Many thanks to Mr. Simon 2E0GMW and Mr. Jason (GB2RN) for calling in.
Must admit nice to talk to Jason from down south.
Would be nice if we could encourage people with CW or data/psk to take part this would
Up our club points if interested please get in touch.
Most of the contests named above can be carried out at home with the points have been awarded
To the club.
Our rating would then be much higher and also get the club noticed.
Besides you never know you may enjoy it please make a bit of an effort.
Many thanks
Bob de M0RWL 73

Bob Lane

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