International Windmills OTA GB0HM @ Sat 11 May – Sun 12 May 2024

11/05/2024 – 12/05/2024 all-day Europe/London Timezone
HQ Millhouse
millhouse haven road patrington HU12 0PS
Humber Fortress DX ARC

The Humber Fortress Fortress DX ARC will be taking part in Mills on the Air weekend on May 11th & 12th 2024
Using Callsign GB0HM
Locator = IO93XQ
WAB = TA32
Haven Mill Partington 1810
Haven Mill was built in 1810 and located just outside of the village of Partington in the Diocese of York
This was one of many mills built in the 1800s within East Yorkshire and was in daily use into the 1900s.

In 1928 the mill was looking a bit worse for wear, so it was decided to
Remove the last two sails and run the mill with an Oil engine you can see
The shed which was built to house it is on the left 

One of the last photos taken of the mill was in 1936 by that time
The oil engine had been removed, and years of the top part of the mill
Being open to the weather had taken its toll so the top 3 floors were
Reduced to just as it is today ground floor and 1st floor and new roof
Capped and sealed.
How it started (Demolition )

Photos of the Mill that forms the new headquarters for HFDXARC Club from the outside and within we are so lucky
To be able to operate and put haven mill on the air around the world

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