GB0 Merry Christmas “LiveStreaming”

The Club once again is using the Xmas call sign of GB0MC throughout December, only this time many of the members have decided to really get in the spirit of things, by wearing Santa outfits for the activation.

This year is different however, as every time the call is activated from the club we will be LiveStreaming on the Clubs YouTube channel.

We began Sat 2nd Dec on the 40m band with full santa atire and LiveStreamed the whole activation which went down very well indeed. The pile up was very big as operators called into us throughout the day and the majority actually checked out the Live feed on YouTube.

As you probably know, a Live feed can’t be edited and can give some very funny footage of events. Well Sat was just that, as Andy 2E1TAP passed the chair to Chris G0URG for a change of operators, and as he was adjusting the headset he snapped them in half. It was very funny at the time, however not so much for Andy G7LRR as he had to repair them.

So we setup a Santa repair shop in the stream background, which went down very well but took a while as we were all constantly waving to operators on the Live.

Sean M0SLY operated the 20m station throughout the day under the Club Call sign with alot of success working DX.

The afternoon went down very well with everyone, and we will continue to activate the call throughout December. The GB0MC QRZ page has links to our LiveStream so please check us out when you hear us on the bands. The first Live is on the Club YouTube channel for anyone wishing to indulge in a bit of Xmas fun. The YouTube link is available on the website homepage, or look up humber fortress.

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