Summer Fun @ Spurn Lighthouse 2023

GB2SL Spurn Point Lighthouse weekend with the (YWT) Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is always one of the Humber Fortress DX ARC highlights of the year, always a really good one to be part of and this has been our 13th year working hand in hand with YWT to promote the Lighthouse and keep the Tradition of the lighthouse on the airways going todate.

All the preparation work and planning that goes into setting up this event over the months, and also a lot of it in the background taking place, there is lots more that has to happen than you think as well, so big thanks to the Events Committee and YWT for making this happen every year.

Meet The Team this year left to right Kevin M0KVK, Paul 2E0WPW, Andy G7LRR, Dave 2E0TKO, Charlie 2E0CIY, Pat M0PKE, Chris G0URG, Steve M0EBJ, Josh SWL, Rich M0RKK, Sean M0SLY. 

Saturday morning on the 19th of August 2023 the team gathered to get the equipment loaded into cars and Pats M0PKE Landy loaded from the HQ of the Club the Mill and make ready for the journey to the wildlife center at Spurn Point.

   The trip down to the Lighthouse is always fun and one of the enjoyable parts of the whole weekend, This is because to get all the equipment to the lighthouse, we have to be driven down the peninsula by a YWT team member in their Unimog.

The trip down gets longer every year as the tides over the past years have washed out the causeway more and more. 

video of the trip down

Once down at the lighthouse the task of unpacking the Unimog and getting setup starts. The operating tent is set in place, a small team headed up by Andy G7LRR along with Charlie 2E0CIK and Young Josh, who is Sean M0SLY Son, went up the 146 stairs to the top of the lighthouse to lower 300m of rope to support more rope hung off it as lanyards for big wire antennas from 160m to 40m.

Verticals were set on fishing poles for 20m 15m and 40m.

Then the fun began.

  A few funny things happened over the weekend, one was Kevin M0KVK in QSO was asked where is the lighthouse, to which he replied without thinking “Well it quite near the sea”, we all fell about the place with laughter.
















This was a really good event and well worth all the effort everyone puts into talking to over 1200 stations worldwide.

also, it’s a great place to unwind and relax and take in the breathtaking views and surroundings that are Spurn Point.

Enjoy what we see every year it is well worth a visit.

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