Kings Coronation Weekend GB0KCC



First of all, a massive thank you to the thousands of stations that called in and supported us on this momentous occasion. The response from the Ham Radio community was absolutely amazing and left the Club operators feeling very humbled. Thank you all.

The weekend started on Friday, with many projects still being built and new dipoles being erected. The whole of the antenna paddock ( as we call it ) was changed in ways to help reduce noise ( splatter from the 40m station ) and support wires were added to the long runs of coax. It doesn’t sound like much of a job when you say it fast, but it was a huge job for the members to take on.
The club has built a brand new 40M vertical phased array with a switching network that provides directional TX/RX at the flick of a switch. This latest addition to the club’s antenna array will give us that extra punch required for special events and contesting.
A massive thanks to all involved in the project, as this again was a huge job to undertake.

The “not so secret” project of building the beast was also continued, with Sue M6URG finishing off the painting of the trailer which she made a Superb job of.

Earlier in the week saw some new club members visiting the club, and indeed helping out where required. We also gained a new member from the visiting group, which is awesome for the club.

The event itself saw the members operating all of the stations available, which was a very pleasing site given the huge effort and work carried out in refurbing the shack room. They made light work of the stations calling in to support us, however, this soon turned into what can only be described as amazing. Each of the stations had the biggest pile-ups you can imagine and this continued throughout the full weekend. The show of support was staggering and overwhelming at times, but the team of operators handled it like true professionals working every station calling in.

This was by far my most memorable weekend of Radio so far in my short time licensed and I am sure other operators feel the same.
M0KVK Kevin has only just recovered from the Isle of Muck Dxpedition, but worked the stations relentlessly throughout the early hours, racking up many JA VK and stateside stations.

I won’t list the call signs involved in the weekend and its build-up, but I will say a MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of them for their commitment. However, I will mention Andy G7LRR who has worked himself to the bone for the Club and continues to do so.

Many many thanks to ALL the members, you are all truly appreciated, as you make the club. One special thanks to Mike Wood our host as he shows such passion toward the club and also works none stop helping us all out. Cheers Mike

If you are not a club member reading this and it appears to be a club you want to be part of, please look at joining us. You could be part of this very special group of people and have just as much fun. You are all welcome.

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