Church and Chapel on The Air 12/9/2015

The first CHOTA event, has now come and gone, which was held at the Cottingham Road Baptist Church.

Thank you to all who helped set up and stayed to work the station.

Bob Lane M0RWL ,Kevin Sim 2E0KVK,Charlie Storr 2E0CYK,Andy Dickinson M0TTL,

John Cunliffe G6LNV

The man of the day has to be Kevin who attended despite the fact he was getting married in the afternoon, he help set up, entertained us all with a bit of pole dancing but I have to say he does need to work on his technique, even after he was given some instruction on where to place his hands on the pole by John G6LNV.

He then stayed to play a little radio, before his time coördinator Charlie whisked him away for other duties in the afternoon.

Andy and Bob stuck at the mike under very difficult conditions, reports that came back stated that atmospheric conditions were the worst in at least 20 years.

Conditions did improve slightly after our lunch from the chip shop. With contacts  in Denmark, Germany, France, Wales and the West Country. With several contacts locally, In total we worked 3 CHOTA stations.

Despite the difficult conditions the station stayed operational until about 3:30pm. Great fun was had by all even though the number of contacts was only 15.

During the afternoon we had a visit from the Church Minister Rev Richard Sherlock and another member of the Church, who took an interest in what equipment we were using and were impressed by the simplicity of the station setup.

Even given the difficulties with reception, the consensus was, we will try again on the CHOTA event next year.

Without the support from the Club, this new event would not have happened. Thanks to all members for your support.



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