Welwick Heritage weekend gets underway

The Members start to turn up for the weekends events down at the little village of Welwick.

Every year this little East coast village put on one the areas biggest shows, in the form of the Welwick Heritage weekend, this is an agricultural show.

The event has old steam engines and  static engines and lots more to offer the club will post some picture of the event as it unfolds.

Today Andy G7LRR and Wife Linda M6LGN with Charlie 2E0CIK and Kevin 2E0KVK setup camp for the weekend and got the HF station on the air.

You will see from the photos that we have all worked hard so far aerial is up at a good height for inter G working.

Charlie and Kevin are going all gourmet with kicking there lunch off with smoke salmon and Mussels and Andy is living it up on his bag of crisps

Enjoy the photos so far more to follow.

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