HF Field Day 2014

Well,  our  annual HF Field day trip to Spikes/G0CVL and his lovely wife Sarah was upon us, so we set out  to go camp out in their back garden – well big paddock really – lots of big trees for antenna’s and space for tents near Cawood.

The Saturday morning saw members of the club meet up at the Humber Bridge car park, to head off  in convoy to Spikes, as you do need OS map to find the place out in the wilds of Cawood .

 Once there,  camp was pitched,  radio and antennas put into place all ready to haul up and ready to go.

 Dinner was had by all just before the start of the contest , once the contest was under way the beer and BBQ was made ready for tea, while this was going on in the back ground Andy G7LRR had worked  and logged 98 QSO in the first hour followed by Kevin 2E0KVK with logger John M0JBA  whom worked into the two hundreds each operator had 1 hour spells in the afternoon John M6HDX , Dave G4ASA Charlie 2E0CIK  until tea time, when we all did 2 hour spells until late then the night team Marcin M0GLV , Kevin 2E0KVK  along with Spike who helped with the liquid refreshments, hi.

 The guys work away though the night until Dave G4ASA took over at about 5:30am. Dave then went on to work some good DX VK, ZL, JA, HK and much more getting the club some great points.

After a great breakfast made by Charlie, Kevin and helpers , it was back to the contest for the final leg,  by now it was getting hard work to work stations we had not already worked,

saying that,  we did beat last years QSO rate of 520 with this years total of 827 QSO’s.


It was funny when we hit the 800 mark as Kevin 2E0KVK and Dave G4ASA teamed up to take us over the 800 mark,  our goal was to hit 1000,  maybe next year we will hit our goal.


Great weekend of fun was had by all, the Radio Club would like to thank Spike and Sarah for once again giving us the use of their home and grounds.


Here is a few picture of the weekend




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