Three Years On with Humber Fortress DX A.R.C

 It is now almost 3 years since the founding of the club. Apart from the usual club nights, we have organised special events, activating the radio in celebration of momentous occasions, for example, the Museum and the Blackburn Beverley aircraft. The club has also taken up the challenge of the RSGB 80m CC and the 160m Club Calls contests, and year on year are showing improvements in the league table as more members start to become involved.


Yaesu FT-2000 can be used for 20m 15m 10m 160m and 80m
computer logging system
Andy G7LRR front with Kieth 2E0ODL rear and Robert Keith son logging
Sean 2E0SCA
Steve 2E0NSQ
Steve M6OKB
Phil M0VEY
Kevin M6EYR
G6LNV John
Very first Photo of anyone in the shack Simon 2E0GMW


 The whole fort is fortunate to have been built on a sand bank  and then having salt water flowing around the site. These mere attributes alone means that the antennas see an effective height of 110ft ASL and an equivalent signal gain of 20dB’s on the low bands.


looking to the west
Looking to the south
looking south east
Looking north east
Looking to the north
looking south east


As with any other radio club, the antennas are the ears and mouth, and the shack the heart of the club. It our relatively short existence, we have built the shack up into a full two operator station, capable of working all the bands independently, from 160m through to 10m. In the near future we are hoping to expand again and install a third operator position for V/UHF bands. This will then further cement our founding premise for starting out, as a Contest and Special Events club.

The short  time lapse video gives an indication of what has occurred in the shack over the last year; Special Events, Contesting, Teaching (how to log, operating , PSK), Guest operators, and just passing by visitors. It has all happened in the shack.



The Project room is now in constant use, with repairs taking place on old valve radios that members have brought in. There are demonstrations to the newer members of how to solder simple items, and the construction of antenna peripherals. It has been a long time coming, but this project room had construction problem to overcome due to the inability to secure to the walls. The following slide show, demonstrates how it all came together with hard work.


Take an old damp room
Before the work starts
Let the stud work begin
Lower the ceiling
make the roof water tight
Plaster board the stud work
Hang on guys Break time
Nothing like a good old cuppa
Plastering time real handy having all the trades within the club
All the Socket you need in an workshop by our resident Sparks
Let there be light and there it was
health and safety fire exit sign as well
a little heat
Storage shelving going in


The clubs new mobile shack is nearing completion despite the bad weather hindering progress. The mobile shack is derived from an old BT Box van which has now been placed on a caravan chassis. For a couple events last year, we used the shack for operating even though it is not 100% complete. This has enabled us to test out its capabilities. We are able to run up to 3 operating positions from the trailer, albeit powered from Battery, Mains or Generators. It is hoped that the trailer will be used to great effect for not only operating from, but also for promoting Amateur Radio in general.


Trailer first day
Kevin 2E0OAH about to check the trailer mounts
Loads of room under there Kevin
Syd M1COV getting setup to swap out the old mounting bolts
Syd M1COV with Charlie 2E0CIY S
Finshing the new mounting bolts
Jon M6HDX the Clubs resident painter make a start on the inside
Painting on the outside begins
Alloy back step goes on and just the doors one more coat
All handed painted and looking well ready for sign writing
Electrics are fitted and tested and bench work begins
Bob M0RWL making a great job on the work bench
Nice fit Bob
Ready for varnishing another job for Bob M0RWL
Nearly finshed and you can see Bob handy work look at the varnishing
This was test run out to iron out any bugs we found Charlie 2E0CIY in the Chair
Trailer and one of 3 Scam masts all setup as test weekend




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