The event is run by H.A.D.A.R.S and H.F.DX.A.R.C as Guests only with the beast mobile tower, you can camp over for a small fee for any more info please email Rich M0RKK at  
The rear of Easington Methodist Church Easington HU12 0TY
Latitude: 53.6502724 / 53° 39? 0? N Longitude: 0.1192834 / 0° 7? 9? E
Grid Square: JO03BP
Grid Reference TA 40174 19172
Grid Reference (6 figure) TA401191
WAB – TA41
What3Words app – twinkled.surgical.dorm
SSB FD – 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m – SSB only
Only one signal may be transmitted at any one time
A station may be contacted once on each band.

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IARU Championship (CW, SSB, mixed)

– July 13-14: IARU Championship (CW, SSB, mixed)
– Scheduled for the second full weekend of July (July 13-14, 2024), lasting 24 hours.


Contest Objective: To support amateur self-training in radiocommunications including improving amateur operating skills, conducting technical investigations, and intercommunicating with other amateurs around the world, especially IARU member society headquarters stations, using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

Dates: The second full weekend of July (July 13-14, 2024).
Contest Period: Begins 1200 UTC Saturday and runs through 1159 UTC Sunday. Both Single and Multioperator stations may operate the entire 24-hour period.
Click here for the complete IARU HF World Championship Rules (PDF)
For contest information contact  or (860) 594-0232

IARU member society HQ stations, such as W1AW, send signal report and official IARU member society abbreviation as listed on the IARU website at  IARU International Secretariat club station NU1AW counts as a HQ station, and sends “IARU”. Members of the IARU Administrative Council and the three IARU regional Executive committees send “AC,” “R1,” ”R2,” and “R3” as appropriate.
All others send signal report and ITU zone.
ITU Zone Map

Log Submission Deadline
Logs are due within SEVEN (7) days after the event is over. Logs may be submitted either online or via mail, but electronic Cabrillo logs are the preferred method. Electronic logs must be submitted via our web app at
Logs that have been submitted electronically are listed on the Logs Received page. Click the contest name to see a list of submitted logs sorted by call sign and club name.
Online Log Submission – Cabrillo formatted logs must be uploaded via our web app at
Submitting Paper Logs By Mail – Be sure to mail your completed Summary Sheet and Log Sheets (include a dupe sheet if over 500 QSOs) postmarked before the log submission deadline to: IARU HF Contest Logs c/o IARU International Secretariat, Box 310905, Newington, CT 06111-0905 USA. 
IARU HF Summary Sheet: PDF file
Log Sheet: PDF file
If submitting a paper log, it is strongly suggested you use a delivery method that offers a tracking number.
If you wish to convert your log into a Cabrillo formatted log for electronic submission, visit and select the event of interest. You can input your log data which will be converted to a Cabrillo formatted log for you (it will generate a log and return it to you), and then you can in turn submit your Cabrillo log online via the web app at

Certificates will be awarded to the high-scoring entry in each category in each ITU zone, each DXCC country and each ARRL Section.
Certificates of participation will be awarded to all IARU member society HQ stations. Achievement-level awards will be issued to those making at least 250 QSOs or having a multiplier total of 75 or more.
Printable certificates will be downloadable from
Additional awards may be made at the discretion of each country’s IARU member society.


Additional Information


ITU Zone Borders for the US and Canada-

ITU Zone Prefix Location

06 W-K-N-A U.S.A. (Washington, Oregon,
California, Nevada, Idaho,
& that part of Montana,
Utah & Arizona west of
110 Deg. W.)

07 W-K-N-A U.S.A. (N. Dakota, S. Dakota,
Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado,
New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,
Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, that
part of Utah & Arizona East
of 110 Deg. W., & that part
of Michigan, part of Montana
Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas,
Tennessee, Mississippi,
Louisiana & Wisconsin west
of 90 Deg. W.)

08 W-K-N-A U.S.A. (Indiana, Alabama,
Georgia, Florida, Virginia,
Kentucky, N. Carolina, S.
Carolina, West Virginia,
Maryland, Delaware, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New
York, Maine, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Vermont, &
that part of Michigan, Illinois,
Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi,
Tennessee, Louisiana &
Wisconsin east of 90 Deg. W.)

01 KL7 Alaska (West of 141 Deg. W.)

02 KL7 Alaska (East of 141 Deg. W.)
VE6,7,VY1 Canada (South of 80 Deg. N. and
West of 110 Deg. W.)

03 VE3,4,5,8 Canada (South of 80 Deg. N. and
between 90 Deg. and 110 Deg. W.)
Includes western area of
Ontario North section

04 Pieces Canada (South of 80 Deg. N. and
of VY0 between 70 Deg. and 90 Deg. W.
VE2,3,4,8 including Baffin Isl.)
Includes Ontario East, Ontario South & Greater
Toronto Area sections and eastern part of
Ontario North section

09 FP St. Pierre et Miquelon
VY2,VO2, Canada (South of 80 Deg. N. &
VO1 East of 70 Deg. W., including
Pieces Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova
of VY0 Scotia, but excluding Baffin
75 VE8 Canada (80 Deg. N. to 90 Deg. N.,
North Pole)

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International Lighthouses GB2SL OTA Sat/Sun

GB2SL International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
Numbers  Location information Lighthouses:
Locator: JOØ3BN
UK0080=Spurn Point High
UK0081=Spurn Point Low
WAB: TA-41
LAT: 53.578978n
LNG: 0.06.33 E
Spurn Head (old): A2424X
Grid Reference: TA 40345 11240
Grid Reference (6 figure)
X (Easting) 540345, Y (Northing) 411240
Latitude, Longitude (decimal)
53.578980, 0.11832847
Latitude, Longitude (degs, mins, secs)
53°34?44?N, 000°07?06?E
What3Words: wages. decompose. question
The Humber Fortress DX ARC has once again been invited by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, to put on a station during International Lighthouse on the Air weekend, Spurn High Light is a visitor attraction, and the tallest lighthouse in Northern England!
Made of 300,000 Staffordshire bricks, with a height of 128ft (39m) and 145 steps to the top landing, providing a spectacular view of the Spurn nature reserve and the River Humber.
We are pleased to have been invited back by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to help promote the restored Spurn High lighthouse for the 25 Anniversary of International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend and to back to Spurn Point to activate GB2SL.
Since our last visit, there have been changes to the shape of Spurn Point and it is now inaccessible to road transport due to the storms of 2013.
With at least a 200-yard break between the mainland and Spurn Point, it is a newly created island at high tide.
We are taking a small team of 12, regrettably, only those who can climb Stairs can attend this event, manpower and equipment will be ferried to the site by the YWT, in “or should that be on” their Unimog all-terrain vehicle.
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend
Association of Lighthouse Keepers

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GB0HUL Special Event Weekend by H.A.D.A.R.S

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