Christmas Dinner was a big success.

This years  Christmas dinner was a big success, the venue was very good been Napoleons Casino Restaurant, we all had first class service and food everything was spot-on .

Once the 3 coarse meal and drinks were over we all hit the casino floor, most of us have never seen inside a casino but luck was on our side, nearly all of us had a win on the roulette table, At once point I thought Kevin 2E0KVK was going to run out of room for his chip, Steve 2E0OKB and his wife Jill was like two Vas Vegas professional gamblers both won, although  Jill had the bigger smile, “did I see her cashing in all your chips as well Steve lol” .

Dave not given too much away could not lose even when he tried, by the way Dave what time did you get away?. We all had great time on the Casino floor and was all up at the end of it.

Too sum the night up Great food with great company, and all of us went home smiling what else can one ask.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .

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