Summer Maintenance

Well  summer is upon us at last, so the members of HFDXARC  got the outdoor repairs and servicing done.

We hope you enjoy this little write-up and pictures which speak for themselves.



First up is to service our HY-Gain TH3 which is over 35 years old now and still in great shape.



We check each year all the stainless steel nuts and bolts and re grease them.

Check over the traps and retune the beam as required , this year saw work been done on the shotgun match and balun connections.


who`s doing what


Wail the tower was hoisted over for removal of the beam, we had time to do some much-needed welding on the yard-arm to give it extra support for heavier wire aerials , Kevin 2E0KVK along with Steve 2E0NSQ, made easy work of this job, Kevin had not welded for over 20 years, but he was like duck to water once again with that old stick welder.

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Slide Show


With all the antenna and tower work underway,it was time once again to look at the roof on the radio club, it had sprung a leak over the winter.

It was soon found that water had stood on part of the roof and had leak in. We had to fill a hollow and some cracks on the concrete slab, so a cement slurry mix for roofs was laid, then left all day and over night to dry, the following  morning it was time to seal the roof again with cromapol roof sealer, after  two good coats  roof was compete, we hope this repair will last a good few years as it say so on the tin.

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With all the servicing and repairs now done it’s time for a well-earned BBQ and a few beers




Andy G7LRR

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