International lighthouses and Lightships Weekend.

On the third weekend of August, it will be the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) event. Unlike last year were we activated the Spurn lighthouse, this year it is the turn of the Thorngumbald Clough Lower Light, which is situated just yards from our club.
So what does this mean? Well for a start we can activate it from the luxury of our own shack – no need to be roughing it this time. Also, there will not be logistical problems of getting all the equipment there, nor the cost of running a couple of generators for the whole weekend. And from a safety aspect, it will be much harder for Andy, G7LRR to try and kill himself with carbon monoxide poisoning 🙂
The weekend of fun starts officially from midnight on Friday 19th/20th and runs through until Sunday at 6 pm. We will be operating two stations for the weekend (maybe three, you never know) and hoping to have activity for the duration of the period.
The call sign for this weekend’s activity that we will be using is


More information can be read about the lighthouse on our QRZ page

We look forward to hearing from as many of you as we can operate of their weekend.


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