RSGB 80M Club Call Contest

The Members of the HFDXARC again entered the RSGB 80m club call contest on Monday 8th May, using the new Club Contest call of M6C from the Mill House, and personal calls from home.

They achieved superb results as individuals giving us a total of 568 QSO from the Contest. It started off a little slow but after half hour it soon picked up, and the friendly inter club contest began. One member G7LRR has held the throne for a few years, however this time it was extremely close on the final scores.
Andy G7LRR 167 | Steve M0EBJ 160 | Sue M6URG (M6C) 156 | Bob M0RWL 85
Congratulations to each and every one of the members, but a special shout out to Sue M6URG as she gave the rest a good run for their money from the Club HQ.

The Club is extremely active throughout 2023 with Events and Contests, and we welcome anyone to enquire about joining the Club or simply visiting us as a guest. See the Club events planner for future events and dates.

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