I got the Contest Bug

My first ever contest and a big one at that, I decided I was going to “GO in BIG”! CQWW SSB.
Bag of nervousness on the day as we were traveling over from Barnsley to Patrington, but on arriving at the Club and walking in the door the buzz was evident.

I was greeted by Kevin M0KVK who asked me if I was looking forward to having a go- “yes so long as nobody is listening” was my reply.
Many new faces at the Club that I didn’t know and a few I had already met Kevin (M0KVK), Andy (G7LRR), John (G6LNV), and of course the Husband Chris G0URH.

The contest started at 1 am Saturday morning and finished at midnight on Sunday. The night shift got off to a good start, racking up the overnight contacts and giving us a head start with over one million points already.
I started off listening to others and sat with a spare set of headphones at the side of Chris, listening to how it was done, before plucking up the courage to have a go myself.
Then I started out on 80m and after a while had a go on 40m, I felt more comfortable on 80m so moved back to that station, as I believe the members termed it “The old man Station” because it was slower placed.

After that, I got the “Bug” and was in the zone and made it mine, not a chance I was moving, (I did eventually!).
Andy (G7LRR) was in his element, running around from station to station repairing broken headsets on the fly and other pieces of kit that needed a tweak as the contest went on, also putting up a new Arial @6am Saturday Morning for 10m band.

Although he did seem like an amateur on 80m station when he kept hitting the wrong button on a new keyboard and putting the computer logging system to sleep. I eventually asked him to move so I could show him how it was done hi hi.

Food was supplied for the contest team by Andy’s Lovely Wife Linda (M6LGN) in the form of 2 Large slow cookers with Beef Stew, which went down a treat, Tea and coffee also flowed freely all weekend.

I want to say a massive thanks to everyone for all their efforts and for making me feel welcome.
All the best and 73’s Sue M6URG.

The Queen of 80m’s (as the Members Nicknamed me)

Sue M6URG & Chris G0URG

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